Max Allen


Jefferson City, MO


Max Allen is a Wildlife Biologist, Photographer, and Author.

As a photographer, Max strives to depict the natural world and it inhabitants in beautiful settings. He specializes in documentary and action photographs of North American wildlife. He travels widely throughout the American West, searching out wild landscapes and their inhabitants, and teaching wildlife photography skills and techniques to students from many walks of life. His first photography book "The Itinerant Photographer" was released in 2010, and his photography was recently featured in the Peterson Field Guide to Animal Behavior.

For information on using Max's photos in stock photography, obtain information on upcoming classes, or purchase his book please email Max.

Max has worked for a diverse set of government agencies and non-profit corporations in his capacity as a wildlife biologist, photographer, and educator. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Conservation Biology through Victoria University, Wellington, and completing his graduate project on Mountain Lion Population Dynamics and Prey Selection in northern California.


Paradise Shelduckling Calling by Max Allen


Black Bear Looking In by Max Allen


Marbled Godwit In A Balanced Pose by Max Allen


Immaculate Portrait Of Crimson Rosella by Max Allen


Snow Leopard Showing Tongue by Max Allen


Say's Phoebe All A-Flutter by Max Allen


Baltimore Oriole Leaning Away by Max Allen


Cardinal Flowery Perch by Max Allen


Sunset Setting Down The Horizon by Max Allen


Say's Phoebe With Grasshopper In Beak by Max Allen


Woodpecker Calling Among Flowers by Max Allen


Mule Deer Buck Against South Dakota Sunset by Max Allen


Dove Taking Flight by Max Allen


Woodpecker Peeking Out by Max Allen


Reddish Egret Spreading Wings To Strike by Max Allen


Sea Otter Eating Clam by Max Allen


A Wood Duck Drake And Reflection by Max Allen


Half Dome Rising In Distance by Max Allen


Yellow-eyed Penguin Calling by Max Allen


African Lion Growling by Max Allen


Goldfinch Among Redbud by Max Allen


Brown Kiwi Searching For Food by Max Allen


Sea Otter Popping Up For A Look by Max Allen


Portrait Of Kea Calling by Max Allen


Gannet Feeding Baby by Max Allen


Tasmanian Devil Snoozing by Max Allen


Cardinal Peeking Out From Berries by Max Allen


American Goldfinch On Summer Thistle by Max Allen


Takahe Calling Out by Max Allen


Half Dome Rising At Dawn by Max Allen


Golden Eagle Softly Calling by Max Allen


Sunrise Above Sierras by Max Allen


Yellow-bellied Marmot Enjoying The Mountain View by Max Allen


Say's Phoebe Grasping Freshly Caught Red Dragonfly In Beak by Max Allen


Vultures Silhouetted At Sunset by Max Allen


Black Bear Cub Resting On A Tree Branch by Max Allen


Bio-luminescent Toadstools Glowing by Max Allen


Osprey Flying With Fish by Max Allen


Burrowing Owl Eye To Eye by Max Allen


Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Apple Blossoms by Max Allen


Kit Fox Mother Looking Over Pup by Max Allen


Northern Flicker Looking Back by Max Allen


Brown Pelican Flying By by Max Allen


Puma Giving Fierce Growl by Max Allen


Vermillion Flycatcher On Early Spring Perch by Max Allen


Chimpanzee Mother And Baby by Max Allen


Towhee Camouflage Perch by Max Allen


Canadian Gosling In The Grass by Max Allen