Max Allen


Jefferson City, MO


Max Allen is a Wildlife Biologist, Photographer, and Author.

As a photographer, Max strives to depict the natural world and it inhabitants in beautiful settings. He specializes in documentary and action photographs of North American wildlife. He travels widely throughout the American West, searching out wild landscapes and their inhabitants, and teaching wildlife photography skills and techniques to students from many walks of life. His first photography book "The Itinerant Photographer" was released in 2010, and his photography was recently featured in the Peterson Field Guide to Animal Behavior.

For information on using Max's photos in stock photography, obtain information on upcoming classes, or purchase his book please email Max.

Max has worked for a diverse set of government agencies and non-profit corporations in his capacity as a wildlife biologist, photographer, and educator. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Conservation Biology through Victoria University, Wellington, and completing his graduate project on Mountain Lion Population Dynamics and Prey Selection in northern California.


Mountain Goat In Colorful Field Of Flowers by Max Allen


Blur Of Parrot Wing In Flight by Max Allen


Wood Duck Drake Calling On The Pond by Max Allen


Brown Pelican Flying Against Dawn by Max Allen


Cheetah Running Down Prey by Max Allen


Australasian Gannet Touching Bills In Courtship by Max Allen


Black-tailed Deer Sparring by Max Allen


Baby Pulling On Mother's Tail by Max Allen


Glaciers Above Mountain Lake by Max Allen


Pre-Dawn Flight Of Snow Geese Flock by Max Allen


Sea Otter A Bit Embarrassed by Max Allen


Broad-tailed Hummingbird Sitting Boldly On Perch by Max Allen


Rattlesnake Flicking Out Tongue by Max Allen


Tui Calling Loudly by Max Allen


Jaguar Looking Up by Max Allen


California Sea Lion In Angle Of Repose by Max Allen


Cormorant Rookery In Dawn Fog by Max Allen


Red Fox Pausing Atop Log by Max Allen


Blackbird Belting Out Song by Max Allen


Badger Pausing From Digging Around In Dirt by Max Allen


Osprey On The Wing by Max Allen


Grizzly Bear Mother And Cub by Max Allen


Clawless Otter Showing Teeth by Max Allen


Flicker Asleep On Perch by Max Allen


Chickadee Among Bright Flowers by Max Allen


Mule Deer Bucks In Autumn Rite Of The Rut by Max Allen


Heron Building Nest by Max Allen


Bighorn Ram With Evident Disdain by Max Allen


Kea Among Mountains by Max Allen


Pika Barking From Rocktop Perch by Max Allen


Brant Leaning Over Water by Max Allen


Black-tailed Deer Chattering From Bed by Max Allen


Westland Petrel Raising Wings by Max Allen


Coyote Coming Closer by Max Allen


Kaka Biting Into Nut by Max Allen


Pronghorn Antelope Doe In Soft Light by Max Allen


Marble Godwit Feeding by Max Allen


Yellow-eyed Penguin Peering In by Max Allen


Jellyfish Dropping Down by Max Allen


Condor Hanging On The Wind by Max Allen


Alligator Showing Its Teeth by Max Allen


Little Pied Shag Pointed Portrait by Max Allen


Black Bear Showing Teeth by Max Allen


Mallard Drake Against Soft Background by Max Allen


Mountain Lion Kitten Up Tree by Max Allen


Brown Pelican Preening Back Feathers by Max Allen


California Sea Lion Pup Resting Against Mother by Max Allen


Eared Grebe Feeding Baby by Max Allen